They did their job.

Someone with balls the man Venezuela’s Chavez joins Twitter add him its @chavezcandanga

Panama’s ex-dictator Noriega jailed in France for a new legal battle this time on charges he laundered cocaine profits by buying luxury apartments in Paris.

And some good to know
Brazilians told to get more sex for healthy living its a fact.

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Fifa world cup 2010 game.

The game is great and due to the world cup is every 4 years EA sports comes out with one.
Check a VD out

Just played MExico vs South Africa. Mexico wins 6 to 1

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WHATS GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Some times you have to tell people off and when you do. It feels great. When I did today I had this going song going.

Az State fuck you. Racial profiling not again have we NOT Learn from the past I guess NOT.
Speak out.

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